ASUS Releases ROG Gaming Headsets and Mouse

The Republic of Gamers product collection grows further

There seems to be a constant flow of gaming products bearing the Republic of Gamers logo (ROG). ASUS definitely isn't letting its high-end product collection go stale, if that is even possible.

The last time we heard about some new ROG product from ASUS was just over a week ago, in the twilight of October 2012.

Unlike then, though, when full desktop gaming systems appeared, ASUS has released a set of PC accessories.

The company actually presented them in different announcements, but we will cover them here, since they are in the same boat.

First off, there is the ROG GX1000 gaming mouse, with its 8200 dpi laser sensor (configurable, 50 dpi minimum), and adjustable weight, thanks to five 5g weights that can be removed from or added to a special compartment. A USB cable makes the connection to PCs.

The second product is called ASUS ROG Orion. A headset with circumaural ear cups (100 mm cushions), it uses 50 mm-diameter drivers.

A headphone amplifier is present too, as is a bi-directional microphone (retractable) and a braided cable of 2.5 meters / 8.2 feet.

Finally, there is the ASUS ROG Orion PRO, which is identical to the Orion but gets the ROG Spitfire USB audio processor.

Spitfire has three in-game audio modes: FPS EQ (better audio positioning in first-person shooters), 7.1 virtual surround, and headphone amplifier. Each has one-click on/off buttons, free of software reliance.

The first two features are more or less self-explanatory. The third (headphone amplifier) enhances in-game sound detail.

ASUS has not said how much it expects customers to pay for its audio products or for the mouse for that matter. Those interested will have to check the company website or retailers, online or otherwise. Shipments should already be underway after all. Either that or they will start shortly.


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