ASUS Releases HTPC Micro-ATX Motherboards

Ready to hold the latest AMD APUs and 22nm Intel CPUs

There is a special new micro-site on ASUS' home website, one that deals with the latest series of micro-ATX motherboards to leave the company's labs.

They are called B75M-A, H61M-PLUS, H61M-A/USB3 and H61M-A and have many things in common, USB 3.0 Boost technology especially.

For those who don't know of it, USB 3.0 Boost makes USB 3.0 performance 1.7 times better than on normal USB 3.0, which already work 10 times better than USB 2.0.

The industry standard USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP) is used to achieve this.

Both onboard HDMI/DVI and USB 3.0 Boost can be found on ASUS Z77-A Intel-based ATX motherboards as well.

Go here for more information on the HTPC-ready series and the boards in particular.

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