ASUS Releases External DVD Writer SDRW-08U5S-U

It ships in Mellow Metallic, Dusty Rose, and Bright Berry colors

While Samsung has released the Ativ Smart PC Pro Windows 8 tablet and the Series 9 Premium Ultrabook, ASUS has launched something that will be a good complement for them: the SDRW-08U5S-U external DVD writer.

Ultrabooks and tablets are very thin, very light products that mostly everyone loves.

Unfortunately, those advantages come at a price: shorter lists of features and, most notably, a distinct lack of optical drives.

External DVD and Blu-Ray drives have been riding the current stirred by that.

ASUS has just launched one of the former: the SDRW-08U5S-U external DVD writer, with 13mm thickness and one of the following colors: Mellow Metallic, Dusty Rose, and Bright Berry.

A built-in stand provides dual-stance positioning (lets owners lay it flat on a desk or upright by pulling out the hidden stand).

As for security, ASUS tossed in Disc Encryption II with password control.

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