ASUS Poseidon GTX 780 Graphics Card with Hybrid Air/Water Cooler Released

After weeks of planning, the company has finally launched it

I've been keeping an eye out for the ASUS Poseidon GTX 780 graphics card for weeks, and ASUS actually pretty much released all the relevant info about it a while ago, but sales have only now started apparently.

The card stands out the most because of its hybrid cooler, which is essentially an air cooler with an integrated water block.

Basically, you can install the card in your PCI Express slot and leave it like that, or you can hook it up to a water cooling system if your PC also has one of those.

It's because the DirectCU H20 has standard cooling fins along the surface of the GPU, but also ports for adding a liquid cooling radiator. Built-in G1/4-inch threads help there.

It should keep the card 7°C cooler on air, 24°C cooler with water, than the reference solution.

The price of the ASUS Poseidon GTX 780 is $745 / €745.

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