ASUS PadFone 2 Tastes Firmware

The update brings along a variety of enhancements and fixes

Computer maker ASUS has made available for download a new firmware update for its PadFone 2 smartphone-tablet combo, currently listed on the company’s website as version

The new software update arrives less than a month after the previous firmware version was made available for the device, as Android Police notes. However, it does bring along a variety of enhancements.

The new firmware update for PadFone 2 is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, though ASUS might also consider updating the phone to Android 4.2 in the not too distant future.

The list of changes that firmware arrives on devices with includes:

- Improved PadFone 2 & PadFone 2 Station performance and stability

- Improved 3G/Wi-Fi connection and stability

- Improved Garmin(TM) navigation system performance

- Upgraded the camera’s firmware and optimized the camera’s HDR and Automatic White Balance functions

- Optimized Launcher stability

- Support of Need for Speed (NFS) games

- Improved call volume and volume settings

- Optimized email fonts

- Optimized Contacts app performance

- Improved power management system

Users can check on their devices to see whether the update is available for download, by heading to Settings > About PadFone > Software Updates.

Before that, however, they can also check the build number available on their devices, to see whether it needs updating (Settings > About PadFone > Build Number).

Most probably, with the update already available on ASUS’ servers, users should soon start to receive it on their devices over the air.

However, those who would like to grab it before that can head over to this page at ASUS and download the full firmware for the device. For the international flavor of the PadFone 2, it is a hefty 726.8MB download.

Users should also make sure that they download the appropriate firmware for their specific device SKU, which can be found by going to Settings > About PadFone > Build Number. Check the instructions that ASUS provides on the matter to learn more on this.

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