ASUS Makes 43% More Money in the Third Quarter of 2012

The Nexus 7 tablet turned out to be particularly rewarding

ASUS will probably lament losing the chance to become Google's product partner for the Nexus 10 tablet.

The reason we say this is that the Nexus 7, which it did manufacture for the latter, made ASUS a lot of money between July and September.

ASUS' profit increased from last year's $160 million / 123 million Euro to $230 million / 177 million Euro.

That's a 43% rise, which is nothing to scoff at, especially for a period during which many other IT players had a rough time.

ASUS' own Transformer Prim TF01 tablet is the second reason the company did so well, alongside all other slates and notebooks.

All in all, ASUS stands in sharp contrast to Panasonic, Sony and Advanced Micro Devices, to name a few. We can be sure that at least this company won't drop a strategy change bomb like AMD did when it announced ARM processor development the other day.

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