ASUS Launches ROG RAIDR Express PCIe SSD

It has a DuoMode feature that lets it work with two BIOS types

ASUS decided to take the concept of PCI Express solid-state storage to a whole new level when it introduced the RAIDR Express SSD.

Not only did it give it very high-level specification, but it even introduced the DuoMode feature, which lets it work on motherboards with both legacy and modern UEFI BIOS.

Not bad for a drive whose transfer speed is of 830 MB/s when reading and 810 MB/s when writing. The rates are made possible by dual LSI SandForce SF-2281 controllers.

Oddly, though, the capacity of the newcomer is quite low, at 240 GB. A far cry from the 1TB+ that PCIe SSDs can integrate.

Then again, ASUS was more focused on performance and endurance than on storage space, hence the ROG red and black design, the 100,000 4K read/write IOPS, and the drive-free TRIM support.

ASUS's ROG RAIDR Express is made of 19 nm 16K page size MLC NAND chips from Toshiba. It should go into a PCI Express 2.0 x2 slot.

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