ASUS Cuts VivoTab RT Price to Tackle Microsoft Surface

VivoTab RT is a better tablet offered for almost the same price as the Surface

The world is slowly crumbling for Microsoft’s first tablet ever, as consumer complaints keep coming, while the other companies on the market release new and more powerful devices running the same Windows RT.

ASUS has decided to cut the price of its VivoTab RT tablet from $600 (€472) to $549 (€430), in an attempt to challenge the Microsoft Surface, as both devices are aimed at the same consumer segment.

As far as the technical specifications go, the VivoTab RT seems to be much better than the Surface, while being offered at almost the same price as the first tablet ever designed by the Redmond-based Microsoft.

The cheapest Surface is priced at $499 (€380), while the most expensive version with 64 GB of storage space and a Touch Cover comes with a price tag of $699 (€550).

The VivoTab RT runs the same operating system as the Surface, Microsoft’s Windows RT, and comes with a docking station that also features a keyboard.

What’s pretty interesting is that this docking station provides up to 7 hours of battery life in addition to the autonomy offered by the device itself, which is quite helpful for those who use it on the go.

What’s more, the ASUS tablet features an 8MP rear camera, while the Surface has only 5 MP, as well as 2 GB of RAM, just like Microsoft’s very own device.

The USB port, which is already available on the Surface, is also offered with the VivoTab, but it’s included in the docking station, alongside the keyboard, the trackpad and a MicroSD card slot.

And if you’re currently in the market looking for a Windows RT tablet, but you’re still not sure whether you should buy the VivoTab or the Surface tablet, read this: ASUS offers the docking station we told you about for free if you order its tablet before December 31.

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