ASUS Concurs That Intel Won't Stop Making Socketed CPUs

Intel dispelled most of the worries, but SUS figured it could add its two cents

By on December 21st, 2012 15:01 GMT

Following worrisome reports that Intel will stop making normal, upgradeable, socketed central processing units, Intel went out of its way to clearly say that wasn't going to happen.

That was the end of the story, for the most part, but ASUS decided to speak up anyway, or so a report says.

Long story short, ASUS confirmed what Intel said, adding that if Intel did start to show a preference for BGA chips (not removable from motherboards), it wouldn't cause LGA processors to become extinct.

Thus, the DIY PC industry (do-it-yourself) is in no danger of dying off any time soon.

This is an opinion shared by other motherboard manufacturers, even though, overall, the mainboard segment, and the PC industry as a whole, is sliding down a slippery slope, as far as profits go.