ASUS CG6155, an Extreme Gaming PC

The new ASUS machine can support up to three GeForce GTX 280 GPUs

ASUS has announced yet another gaming PC that runs for the champion title. The company selected latest generation PC components for this gaming machine, as it intended from the beginning to build a PC that could elevate the gaming experience to unprecedented levels. Nowadays, a PC that can be deemed “the best” does not rely only on the raw power of the CPU and GPU. Besides the power delivered by these two components, a great gaming PC also requires the latest advances in physics, multi-GPU technology, 3D stereo, and parallel computing, which have already leveraged the importance of the graphics engine.


The motherboard of the new ASUS CG6155 gaming PC is built around NVIDIA's nForce 790i Ultra SLI MCP platform technology, and is able to support a 3-way SLI technology featuring the award-winning GeForce GTX 280 GPU. Users are enabled to include in their PC one, two or three such cards, which can deliver unmatched performance with the help of the newest technologies from NVIDIA. The CG6155 is able to deliver the maximum visual and physics fidelity possible, to meet the demands of any hardcore gamer in search of the “extreme gaming” machine.


“Our goal for the ASUS CG6155 was to give gamers unprecedented performance and realism,” says Carroll Hsieh, ASUS desktop product management director. “With NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 280 GPUs and the nForce 790i Ultra SLI MCP we effortlessly achieved our performance goals. With GeForce GPUs and support for things like CUDA and PhysX technologies, we have redefined the entire gaming experience with new levels of realism. Gamers are not going to believe their eyes.”


The NVIDIA PhysX technology enables the GPU to run highly-demanding games, while also providing great clarity when it comes to delivering explosions that cause dust and debris, characters that move with life-like motion, or cloth that drapes and tears naturally. The power of the CPU is also harnessed by the PhysX technology, and the machine can deliver leveraged performance and 10-20 times more visual complexity on screen. The new ASUS CG6155 is able to offer the ultimate, immersive experience.


Besides processing graphics and physics for gaming, the GeForce GTX 280 graphics solutions also feature support for the CUDA technology, which has been developed to accelerate non-gaming applications, including high-definition video playback and transcoding, as well as photo processing and editing. The power of the ASUS CG6155 and its GeForce GPUs will be truly discovered as soon as the first 3D-stereoscopic-compatible monitors hit the market. Over 350 games will benefit from the new monitors, which are set to hit store shelves soon.


ASUS has also revealed that its CG6155 gaming PC is already available for purchase. More details on this piece of technology can be found here.


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