ASRock Releases New Mini-ITX Motherboard

It is ready to power systems running Microsoft's Windows 8 OS

Mini-ITX motherboards are a wonder in that they are so very small, smaller than even micro-ATX by a large margin, and yet they can easily power full-feature personal computers.

The H61TM-ITX that ASRock only recently added to its website doesn't exactly have all it needs for top-end hardware, but it comes close.

The reason we say it falls short is the PCI Express support. While PCI Express 3.0 is available, it only works at x4 (high-end graphics need x16) and is a mini slot, not a full-size one.

That said, the mainboard does have HDMI, DVI-I and LVDS video outputs on the back panel, for whatever graphics chip is integrated in the CPU.

Speaking of which, the H61 chipset can accept any Intel CPUs with socket LGA 1155 unit (Core-series Ivy Bridge).

That said, ASRock made an odd choice in installing solid capacitors on the H61TM-ITX mainboard, for CPU power.

The rest of the spec sheet is fairly straightforward though, with a PCI Express x1 slot, Gigabit Ethernet, 7.1 channel audio (with content protection), two SATA 2 ports (SATA 3.0 Gbps, not 6.0 Gbps), one eSATA port, a digital mic header, and four USB 3.0 ports (2 front, 2 rear).

Finally, ASRock tossed in ASRock XFast 555, Fast Boot, Restart to UEFI, OMG and Internet Flash technologies, plus Intel Smart Connect and Rapid Start.

All in all, the newcomer should do well in HTPVs (home-theater personal computers) and mini PCs. ASRock even ships a trial version of CyberLink MediaEspresso 6.5 software, plus Google Chrome and Toolbar, as a free software bundle.

The product page of the H61TM-ITX motherboard can be found here and also has the links to the drivers and everything else that needs to be downloaded for all the features listed above to work.


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