ASMedia Working on Thunderbolt Controllers

Peripherals, or chips for them, will be ready by the second half of 2012

Intel may not have shared its Thunderbolt specifications, but it might open up the peripheral chipset side of the standard.

That means that, while it will continue as the sole maker of the host side chipsets, other companies will have what they need to make compatible products.

Even without the specifications, ASMedia is reportedly determined to make Thunderbolt-compatible peripheral chips.

The products should be ready around the same time as Intel's Ivy Bridge CPU collection.

That means that mass availability will ramp up in the second half of the year (unfortunately, no detail on them has been provided).

ASMedia is a relatively recent addition to the industry of peripheral chip makers, but it grew quickly thanks to its USB 3.0 host devices.

No doubt it wants to repeat that level of success by developing Thunderbolt chips and PCIe to SATA 6.0 Gbps controllers.

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