ARM Could Reveal a New PC Product or Strategy on November 22-23

The Technology Symposium in Taipei and Hsinchu, Taiwan, is the place

People like to see new things, which is a great part of the reason for how much attention and encouragement ARM is experiencing in its quest to enter the PC market.

We cannot exactly be sure that this will be the main theme of the upcoming Technology Symposium in Taipei and Hsinchu, Taiwan, but we would be surprised if the topic wasn't at least touched upon.

Scheduled for November 22-23, the event is a likely stage for extra information about the ARMv8 architecture (64-bit CPUs) and deals with supporting companies.

Most importantly, maybe some more details will finally arise regarding that pact made between ARM holdings and none other than Advanced Micro Devices.

Finally, ARM will reveal its plans for Taiwan, so to speak. A manufacturing facility, most likely.

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