ARM-Based Server Technology Raises $55 Million in Funding

Calxeda gathers enough money to ensure that low-power servers don't get nipped in the bud

Many scoffed at the idea that ARM chips could be used in servers, but Calxeda accepted the challenge and, lo and behold, it won it.

The company has been making data centers with cellphone chips for years now.

Most recently, it even accumulated $55 million in funds, which will be used for further research and development.

"This significant infusion of capital will accelerate the exciting trajectory we've been on for the past four years," Calxeda Founder Barry Evans said in a statement, CNET reveals.

"Businesses require a more efficient solution for the Web, Cloud, and big data. That is what Calxeda is now delivering and this funding will enable us to go bigger and faster."

Barry Evans is a former Intel and Marvell engineer and has done a good job, so far, of proving that there is a market for low-power ARM servers.

Now that the ARM architecture supports 64-bit instructions, his job is much easier.

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