AORUS, a New Gaming Brand, Emerges, Will Make Its Debut at CES 2014

It could be anything from a gaming laptop maker to a peripheral company

Early January 2014 is when the next edition of the yearly Consumer Electronics Show will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The AORUS has decided that the occasion is as good a launch pad as any.

AORUS is a new gaming brand, one that has begun to send out CES 2014 invitations.

Unfortunately, that's all we know, that it's a gaming company. Which means that it will make any one or more of the following types of products: gaming laptops, gaming peripherals, gaming cases, game consoles (maybe even powered by Android), and new graphics cards.

Given the logo in the invitation, and its overall look (Egyptian hieroglyphs apparently), gaming laptops could be the most likely. After all, “Slim, Lethal and Iconic” products will be launched, under the tagline “Gaming is the next Evolution.”

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