AOL Phishing Alert: A Virus Has Been Detected in Your Folders

Cybercriminals use new tactic to trick users into handing over their passwords

Hoax Slayer has identified a new AOL phishing campaign. This time, the crooks are not using “security updates” to trick AOL customers into handing over their login credentials, instead they warn potential victims of a virus infection.

Entitled “Customer Care Solution,” the emails read something like this: “A TJ2117 Virus has been detected in your folders. Login Here to Switch to the new Secure TJ2117 anti virus 2013. Thank you for choosing our service.”

Those who fall for the trick and click on the link are taken to a bogus AOL login page where they’re requested to enter their usernames and passwords.

Once they log in on the fake website, victims are redirected to a legitimate AOL site. The cybercriminals have turned to this trick most likely to avoid raising any suspicion.

In case you’re a victim of this scam, change your passwords immediately, especially if you use the same one to protect multiple accounts.

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