AOL Acquires Wildseed Ltd

AOL's second major corporate acquisition

As part of the wireless initiative, America Online today announced the acquistion of Wildseed Ltd., a leading provider of advanced wireless technologies, and also by forming an expanded AOL Wireless group.

Wildseed was founded in June 2000 and is based in Kirkland, Washington, with offices in London, UK. The company is best known for its SmartSkin interactive accessories, which ran on its debut product, the Curitel Identity handset.

The expanded AOL Wireless division, which encompasses the AOL Mobile, Tegic and Wildseed groups, will speed the delivery of community and convenience to mobile users with an array of software solutions, communications and content services supported by the top wireless carriers and handset manufacturers.

AOL Wireless will be led by Craig Eisler, General Manager & Senior Vice President, AOL Wireless, America Online, Inc. Wildseed employees and operations will be integrated into AOL's current Seattle offices and Wildseed's CEO Eric Engstrom will become AOL Wireless' Senior Vice President, Wireless Products.

The Wildseed transaction is AOL's second major corporate acquisition in 2005 - since AOL's purchase of Xdrive, Inc. was announced last week. AOL also acquired Mailblocks, Inc. and in the summer of 2004.

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