AMP Brings All-Electric Jeep Grand Cherokee to Detroit

The all-electric SUV unveiled by AMP is expected to offer just 100 miles of range

Automakers appear to be determined to boost the popularity of electric vehicles. AMP will rock the upcoming Detroit Auto Show with its all-electric Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The car will most likely make a powerful statement with its innovative design and zero emission standard. The only disadvantage is that the SUV Jeep GC EV can offer only 100 miles of range, CrispGreen informs.

Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with 5-passenger seating, a lot of extra space and the chance to reach any destination without lowering air quality.

The vehicle comes equipped with a 37.6 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. According to AMP Electric Vehicles and New York Times Wheels, the green SUV will be priced at $60,000 (€46,217), costing almost as much as the Tesla Model S.

Its manufacturers praise its smooth powerful performance, being confident that its amazing aesthetics combined with eco-friendly benefits will top the reputation of the eco-conscious Leaf or Volt.

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