AMOLED Displays, Flexible or Otherwise, Gaining Mass Support

Various display manufacturers and developers invest in the technology

Samsung either started a landslide or simply acted as the first hint that new things were happening in the PC and consumer electronics display industry.

Last month (November 2012), it said that it would release flexible AMOLED panels in 2013.

Obviously, the technology is too young for large-size applications.

Nevertheless, phones and other gadgets should be able to use the screens, which is why various companies are adding their support.

A bunch of panel makers from Taiwan have begun investing in AMOLED production. Examples are Chimei Innolux (CMI) and AU Optronics.

There are some problems to sort out though, mostly related to manufacturing and material supplies.

Regardless, AMOLED yields should grow in 2013 by quite a bit. Eventually, there should be AMOLED ultra-mobile devices and TVs up for general sale.

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