AMD's SeaMicro Server Being Adopted by Many Enterprises

The server, Freedom Fabric included, has been chosen by Livestream

Over the past few months, Advanced Micro Devices made several announcements about the SeaMicro SM15000 Server released back in September 2012.

As it turns out, the system has been charming its way into the mainframes and networks of many corporations.

The latest adopter is Livestream, a company that specializes in transmitting events live over the Internet.

Since it has been growing quickly, Livestream needs to scale up its data center architecture, and also needs to be able to further scale it as time goes by.

Server racks would have been one solution, if it hadn't taken so much power to fill the data center space with them.

AMD’s SeaMicro SM15000 system has a much higher density than normal rack servers, so Livestream has begun replacing its inefficient components with it.

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