AMD’s 1090FX Chipset Comes in 2013 with Steamroller Support

The company’s current chipsets are fully compatible with Vishera processors

AMD seems to be concentrating on its mobile and server platforms for the moment and the PC desktop domain will only receive the Piledriver enhanced Vishera processors as an upgrade for the AM3+ owners.

We reported here about Vishera’s complete compatibility with today’s AM3+ platform and we already know that the performance boost should likely be around 20% or more, like we reported here.

The company and the market are very enthusiastic on the computing and battery performance of the Trinity processors and they are working on a tablet platform also.

The tablet market will finally welcome some real competition from AMD in the form of its Jaguar APU.

The desktop platform will reportedly remain the same until next summer, when AMD’s Steamroller architecture will be finalized.

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