AMD X4 4410 and X2 3450 Kabini APUs Will Debut in June 2013

The launch date is confirmed and the specs are outlined

That Advanced Micro Devices will release a new range of mobile accelerated processing units in the second quarter of the year has already been established, so it isn't a surprise to learn that the X4 4410 and X2 3450 will debut in June 2013.

The X4 4410 and X2 3450 are Kabini accelerated processing units that will be employed in notebooks, possibly even ultrathin laptops on par with Intel ultrabooks.

The former will be a quad-core unit with Radeon HD 8310G integrated graphics and a TDP (thermal design power) of 15W.

The other APU, X2 3450, will be a dual-core chip with HD 8280G graphics and, again, a 15W TDP.

Since the ETA is set for June, Computex Taipei will likely be the show where the release will take place. Even if the chips come out sooner, most laptops based on Kabini won't be out before then.

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