AMD Won't License Its GPU Technology to Smartphone Makers, Unlike NVIDIA

It looks like the company is satisfied with game consoles for now

I suppose it was just a matter of time before NVIDIA tipped the scales back towards a balance.

When AMD scored basically every contract for game console graphics, NVIDIA made it sound like it didn't mind.

And now I might actually believe it. Having set the game console market aside, NVIDIA has instead opened the Kepler graphics architecture for licensing by smartphone makers.

And now AMD has declared that it has no plans to do the same. Its Radeon graphics will stay on the PC and game console markets, where it can make the chips according to its own plans.

“We have made no announcements regarding the license of GCN or our graphics IP. […] In addition to our ambidextrous approach, our semi-custom business offers customers the ability to tap into AMD’s extensive IP portfolio across x86, ARM, multimedia, and of course our industry-leading graphics,” Travis William, a spokesman for AMD’s embedded and semi-custom business units, told X-bit Labs.

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