AMD Will Offer Low-Cost Power Socket PCs

For those who want a computer anywhere they happen to go

Laptops and tablets are all well and good, but they shouldn't cause the premature death of all other potential PC designs, or at least AMD thinks so.

This is something that most people may not have heard about. With all consumer attention being stolen by tablets, certain ideas were bound to go by unnoticed.

We have no qualms about rectifying this state of affairs this once. To get right to the point, AMD intends to see if it can establish a new niche market, that of power socket PCs.

That's just the name we gave those things. Featuring the shape of small boxes, smaller than even Intel's NUC, they have the outward appearance of power adapters, only without the cable sticking out of them.

They just go in a power socket and voila! A working PC with HDMI, USB, LAN and everything else of relevance that desktops should have.

Now we just have to wait until some sort of “motherboard” is made for the Z-60, or whatever other APU AMD decides to use in these things. We haven't seen any that are small enough for the mockup we were shown at IFA 2012 and, unfortunately, we have no clue on the ETA either (estimated time of arrival).

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