AMD Unlocked Dual-Core Trinity A6 5400K

The new processor is specifically targeted at budget-minded overclockers

AMD seems keen on satisfying even the most financially-challenged overclockers, and it is apparently preparing an unlocked dual-core Trinity processor called A6 5400K.

How many times did you buy a rather expensive motherboard that would allow you good overclocks and ensure compatibility with future and more powerful processors?

This happened to us a lot and, to ease the initial financial effort for a new platform, we usually got one of the cheapest CPUs available.

The plan was to overclock the processor until more funds became available to buy a powerful processor with higher frequency, more cores and a bigger cache.

AMD’s A6 5400K Trinity unlocked processor reportedly runs at a default 3600 MHz frequency and has a Turbo Core boost of 200 extra Mhz.

The A6 5400K has a modest 65 watts TDP and comes with Radeon HD 7540D graphics core featuring 192 shaders running at 760MHz.

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