AMD: Ultimate Physics Realism on PS4 Enabled by Heterogeneous Architecture

The CPU and GPU cores are aided by the unified memory sub-system

NVIDIA may be trying to downplay the PlayStation 4 and AMD winning the contracts for both the CPU and GPU cores in the PlayStation 4, but the rest of the world is quite excited from what we've seen.

AMD itself is quite pleased with the product, and believes it will finally allow game developers to create titles with better graphics than ever.

In fact, the company’s Chief Product Architect at Graphics Business, John Gustafson, expects the heterogeneous architecture (CPU + GPU cores) to work so well together, and with the unified memory sub-system, that high-quality physics effects will be possible.

He revealed as much during an interview with website.

Knowing how attached NVIDIA is of its PhysX technology, this will be another great blow to the company's pedigree, since PhysX will stop being “special” if AMD has its way.

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