AMD Trinity Windows 8 Tablet Spotted

Much is still kept under wraps, but AMD stuck an A6 Trinity APU in there

It’s obvious by now that this year’s Computex is practically an Intel/Microsoft party and AMD doesn’t seem to be invited. Nevertheless, that’s not going to keep the Texas-based CPU designer from spoiling Intel’s party.

AMD and Compal are presenting at the show a Windows 8 prototype tablet that is powered by AMD’s Trinity processor.

The CPU inside the 11.6” tablet is reportedly an A6 accelerated processing unit (APU).

AMD’s A6 series come with only two cores enabled. There are two versions of A6 announced so far.

Those are the A6-4455M with a 2.1 GHz default frequency and 2 MB of level 2 cache next to 256 Shader cores and the A6-4400M that runs at a default of 2.7 GHz, but it’s only packing 192 Shader cores and a small 1 MB level 2 cache.

There was no word on battery life or physical details such as weight or thickness, but this is only a prototype so those would be irrelevant at this point anyway.

AMD has not disclosed any details regarding battery life, but we honestly think that the best solution would be the A6-4455M, as it offers more performance and has a 55% lower power consumption when compared with the A6-4400M.

It may be that the company is introducing yet another version of the A6 processor, but we don’t think that is likely, as a 17 watts TDP is already decent for a 11.6” tablet.

The screen boosts the usual Windows 8 required 1366 by 768 pixel resolution.

There was also a docking pad with an integrated keyboard that almost made the whole thing look like a normal laptop.


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