AMD Trinity Overclocking Record Beaten, 7.384 GHz Achieved

The previous record didn't manage to last even one week

As is normal for when new processors come out, overclockers are going crazy over them, and AMD's A-Series Trinity APU range is no exception.

The A10-5800K was pushed to 7.384 GHz just several days ago, yet already that record has been broken, and by the same overclocker no less.

The new top frequency is 7446.41 MHz, or 7.446 GHz, thanks to a core voltage of 1.992V, the disabling of two cores (one of the Piledriver modules) and lots of liquid nitrogen, we are sure.

The memory speed wasn't modified (there were 8 GB of DDR3-1600, from two G.Skill modules in dual-channel mode), though there was a discrete graphics card involved in the test.

Finally, and this is the most important part, the base clock frequency was set at 120.1 MHz and the multiplier to 62.0x.

Not bad at all, considering the Intel Core i7 3770K world record of 7,184.3 MHz.

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