AMD Trinity A8-4500M APU Benchmarked, Better Than Expected

The quad-core chip has Radeon HD 6900 graphics with some 7000 Series perks

Advanced Micro Devices is going to launch its 32nm-based Trinity accelerated processing units this year (2012) and there is now some extra information on the line.

To be more specific, the Internet has uncovered some details about one of the chips that will be part of this product collection.

The unit in question is called A8-4500M and will take the place of the A8-3500M (the Llano-series equivalent).

Alas, we have no clock speeds to relay, so that will have to wait for a bit longer.

What we do have to write about is the result of a test reported by NordicHardware.

The dual-Piledriver A8-4500 was tested under the Folding benchmark, and there is a clear difference between the two GPU generations.

In terms of floating point speeds, A8-4500M "Trinity" scored 1,655.51 points on one of the two systems tested, and 1,679.55 on another.

Meanwhile, A8-3500M "Llano" got 1,580.98, which means that the average difference is of 5.47% (in favor of Trinity).

The integer speed (basically the CPU math performance) is where Trinity shines though: its score of 5,214.95 / 5 662.48 is about 38.67% better than the Llano's 3,921.99.

Added to the above is another benefit: the Radeon HD 6900-series graphics with some functions found in the new HD 7000.

We mentioned before that the product is a dual-Piledriver. What we meant by that is that two Piledriver modules are present, leading to a total of four x86 processor cores.

The clock speeds will be higher than those of the previous generation, but this goes without saying. After all, AMD did promise that the overall performance would be better by up to 25%, even though the TDP is the same (35W). If nothing else, the Folding benchmark tests are in line with that promise. We'll let you know if we uncover anything more.

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