AMD's Thuban Six-Core Clocks Revealed

Gigabyte's CPU support list shows a part of Thuban's specs

Intel has already launched its Gulftown six-core central processing unit, which is essentially the first such CPU to make an appearance on the consumer market. Of course, six-core chips aren't exactly a new concept, but they were not introduced sooner because they were not needed. Now, with applications starting to take more and more advantage of multiple cores, AMD is also gearing up to release its own hexacore chip, codenamed Thuban. This chip’s specs, however, seem to have remained a mystery. Until recently, that is.

Hexus reports that a leaked Gigabyte CPU support list has some info on the upcoming Thuban CPU, which will supposedly debut in at least two versions, namely the 1055T and the 1035T.

These chips will likely be the slower of the set, the former being clocked at 2.8GHz and the latter at 2.6Ghz. Obviously, these speeds are quite inferior to those of the Intel Core i7-980X, which runs at 3.33Ghz, but Advanced Micro Devices is expected to also release such speedy units, like the 1075T that should achieve at least 3Ghz.

Unfortunately, the leak did not have any other information on the Phenom II X6 CPUs, which means that the cache memory and thermal design power, among other things, will have to remain a mystery for now. There is also no word on the exact date when the chips will make their debut, nor is the actual price point known. Of course, considering the clocks, they will likely be more affordable that the Gulftown that bleeds about $999 out of any wallet it comes across.

The Thuban will somehow have to make up for the time gap between its own and the Gulftown's launch, which means AMD will have to be especially creative when it comes to formulating its marketing strategy.

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