AMD Set on Unveiling New PII TWKR Black Edition CPU

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Sunnyvale, California-based Advanced Micro Devices has been placing a significant amount of its marketing skills on the overclocking capabilities of its latest Phenom II processors, providing enthusiasts with a choice for a high-end desktop PC that can be tweaked to extreme levels, for increased performance and high benchmark results. On that note, it seems that the world's second largest chip maker is preparing another surprise for the overclocking community, as it's set on releasing a new processor that is reportedly going to provide users with clock speeds higher than that of the Phenom II X4 955 BE model.


The processor, which will reportedly be known as the Phenom II Black Edition TWKR (presumably coming from tweaker), has been handed to the fellows over at Maingear, a custom PC builder that is focused on providing users with the very latest in hardware technology. The company's CEO, Wallace Santos, wrote about the new processor in a recent blog post, claiming that AMD handed it to them without telling them much about its technical details.


AMD is yet to officially announce the product, which will apparently be available in a cool-looking black box, to distinguish itself from the other Phenom II Black Edition processors on the market. There's still some uncertainty regarding AMD's plans with said CPU, as to whether it will be released as a standalone part or sold with select computer systems. However, we should know more about its technical specifications and performance capabilities later on, as the Mainger CEO promised to updated after they would have installed it on a platform of their own.


Despite not being able to outperform Intel's Core i7 processors, AMD's line of Phenom II CPUs has been praised for their value/performance ratio, especially since they are pin-compatible with AMD's previous generation of motherboard sockets, AM2 and AM2+.


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