AMD Richland Set for March 19, Temash and Kabini for Computex 2013

The high-end A-Series will appear as early as March 19, the others at Computex

Advanced Micro Devices hasn't officially released any of this information yet, but market watchers and leak hunters rarely rest, so it was only a matter of time before the ETAs of AMD's APUs appeared.

OBR Hardware has published what is essentially a launch schedule for the Richland, Kabini and Temash processing platforms.

The Richland A-Series socket FM2 accelerated processing units will be released on March 19, which fits previous reports of a Q2 arrival.

The Kabini E-Seires and X-Series processors (for low-cost notebooks) will debut in late May. That would suggest a line of new laptops at Computex 2013, in June.

The same goes for the Temash tablet chip, though OBR didn't say anything about it specifically.

New AMD FX CPUs will be launched in June as well, since that is when Intel intros Haswell CPUs with HD 4000 graphics.

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