AMD Reveals Further Layoffs, 1,700 Is Just the Start

As if 15% of the total workforce were not enough, 2013 will bring more

Anyone already worried about AMD's decision to fire a bunch of people (again) will definitely not find any sort of peace of mind upon learning what else the company is considering.

Although perhaps “considering” is the wrong word, since it seems as though Advanced Micro Devices has all but decided on its next course of action.

Long story short, the Sunnyvale, California-based CPU, APU and GPU maker has decided to cut its workforce even further in 2013.

So far, we know of the 15% reduction planned for this quarter (Q4 2012). That means that 1,700 people will get sacked. Some of them already have.

According to AllThingsD, a “source” said that AMD had decided on this road despite internal misgivings.

“All the old AMD street-fighters are gone, and a lot of them feel that Rory has made a big mistake in getting rid of them. Without them, people feel like they’re in a losing battle,” a so-called source told the website.

AMD mentioned its plan to “take further restructuring action” in a recent statement as well, though it did not give any specifics, other than the hope that it would reduce operating costs enough to meet its long-term goals.

Regardless of how many people will get pink slips, AMD will become a smaller company, one that might not have all it needs to sustain all the deals and carry out all the plans it made this year, like the ARM license.

At least we know that AMD is definitely not looking to sell. An internal communique stated as much.

“Let me personally reinforce to you: we are not actively pursuing the sale of AMD or any of our significant assets. It’s full steam ahead with our strategy... we absolutely are on the right path,” said the CEO, Rory Read, responding to recent rumors about a sale.

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