AMD Releases Means for Accelerating Applications on APUs

APP SDK 2.8 and the AMD CodeXL now available to developers

AMD released the beta version of CodeXL back in September, but the software was only finalized days ago. AMD officially released it alongside the APP SDK 2.8 developer suite.

They provide access to code samples, libraries, whitepapers and other tools that will let software developers enable application acceleration on Accelerated Processing Units (AMD APUs).

APP SDK 2.8 has many OpenCL, Aparapi and C++ AMP samples.

Meanwhile, CodeXL acts as a foundation for software developers and ISVs to implement parallel processing on CPUs, APUs and GPUs. GPU debugging, CPU and GPU profiling, static OpenCL kernel analysis, it's all there.

From now on, there should be a tighter competition between Advanced Micro Devices and NVIDIA not only in the game development industry, but in professional programming as well.

Supercomputers will get better at dividing tasks among AMD cores (CPU or GPU) as well.

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