AMD Recommends Using Nvidia's FXAA in Battlefield 3

Nvidia helps AMD deliver better performance in games

In a rather strange turn of events, an AMD representative told Battlefield 3 gamers that if they want to get great performance form their AMD graphics card without giving up on anti-aliasing that they should stick with Nvidia's FXAA instead of the company's own MSAA.

This recommendation was made by none other than Antal Tungler, AMD's PR Manager, in a benchmarking guide for Battlefield 3 that was sent to the NgoHQ website a short while ago.

The guide goes on to explain that while MSAA does provide great image quality, this anti-aliasing method has the downside of cutting frame rate in half in Battlefield 3.

This means that even high-end graphics cards such as the Radeon HD 6970, will have troubles reaching the 30 frames barrier in many parts of the game.

The solution to this problem is rather simple and it relies on activating FXAA anti-aliasing in the game settings to improve the image quality without having such a great impact on performance.

While this should work great for most of you, the irony of it all is that FXAA was actually developed by Nvidia in order to counter AMD's MLAA, so basically Nvidia is now helping AMD deliver better performance in games.

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