AMD Decides to Drop the ATI Brand

Though it has been present on all of AMD's graphics products since ATI was acquired by the chip maker, the ATI brand will apparently fade out of existence starting with the new generation of hardware that the Sunnyvale, California-based company intends to release.

As consumers no doubt know, ATI is one of the two major graphics brands in the world and has been a rival of NVIDIA for many years.

After the GPU developer was acquired by Advanced Micro Devices in 2006, the logo has continued to show up on every graphics products that the outfit developed, including the HD 5000 series of DirectX 11 cards.

Not too many days ago, rumors emerged stating that the ATI brand will soon cease to be used. Now, that report appears to have been confirmed.

Basically, the CPU and GPU maker wants to consolidate all of its products under the same brand, so it will be changing the logos for the Radeon and FirePro series.

This does not mean that the ATI logo will just suddenly disappear of course. Products that have already been launched will continue to bear that brand.

Nevertheless, future video boards or other video-related devices will employ the new logos.

"We asked them straightforward awareness preference questions," John Volkmann, AMD's vice president of global corporate marketing, told THINQ.

"It's literally the standard battery of questions: Are you aware of this brand? Would you consider it? And then we ask a very specific form of a preference question."

"The Radeon brand and the ATI brand are equally strong with respect to conveying our graphics processor offering," he goes on to saying.

“[The] combination of AMD and Radeon actually proved to be a stronger combination than ATI and Radeon in the minds of processor-aware consumers, by a statistically significant amount."

Products bearing the new logos will start showing up on the market later this year.


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