AMD Readies E1-2100, E1-2500 and E2-3000 Kabini APUs

The processors won't only be named X2 and X4 after all

Those who've been keeping up with our coverage of AMD and its upcoming APUs might know of the X4 4410 and X2 3450 Kabini chips, but they won't know of the E1- and E2- models.

The previous report might have led people to believe that all Kabini Accelerated Processing Units from Advanced Micro Devices would follow the X2- or X4- branding scheme.

This is not true, not according to CPU World website at least. It turns out that there will be E1-2100, E1-2500 and E2-3000 SKUs as well.

SKU is the abbreviated form of stock keeping unit. It is a general term, like “product” or “item,” but more fitting for tech devices and/or components.

The three SKUs revealed in the report will have two x86 cores each, as well as Radeon graphics of course.

Said GPUs have not been given names, but we assume they belong to the HD 8000 series, or at least HD 7000.

In any event, the three newcomers will be designed on the 28nm “Jaguar” architecture, which means support for bit manipulation instructions, as well as AES, F16C and AVX. No clock speeds are known at this time, unfortunately.

AMD's Kabini accelerated processing units will be used in mobile PCs (personal computers) and whatever else consider BGA chips suitable, like all-in-one computers.

The BGA package, or ball grid array, is the type of central processor that cannot be placed on or removed from a motherboard at will. Instead, it is soldered to the platform, something that is no problem for laptops or AiOs.

We will make sure to keep an eye out for the rest of the information on these three chips, as well as other Kabini units, and Temash and Richland for that matter. At least one of these series will be out before next week is over.

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