AMD Radeon HD 8000 Graphics Cards Have Arctic Accelero Coolers Waiting for Them

The cooler that is currently serving high-end HD 7000 boards will live on

Arctic has either been playing with the various HD 8000 cards available in OEM desktop PCs, or believes the next generation of AMD boards will use the same mounting hole locations as HD 7000.

Whichever the case may be, the company reportedly believes it has completed the HD 8000-compatible versions of two Accelero coolers.

One is called Accelero S1 Plus, the other is a revision of the Arctic Xtreme 7970 and can be installed, or will be possible to install, on the HD 8970, HD 8950, and HD 8870.

Considering that all the cards mentioned above are, for now, rebrands of the corresponding HD 7000 series, we might not be looking at anything new here.

AMD should release the Sea Islands and Solar System GPUs this quarter, by which point Arctic will probably have a new cooler ready, or another update to these two (Accelero Xtreme and S1 Plus).

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