AMD Radeon HD 6990 Antilles May Launch During CeBIT 2011, Spotted in Sapphire and Gigabyte Systems

Eagerly awaited by many computer enthusiasts and gamers, the AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics card, code-named Antilles, could make its official debut during the CeBIT fair, which is supposed to started in a few hours time in Hannover, Germany.

Although the news hasn't been made official yet, earlier today AMD has released a few photos of the HD 6990 and some websites, such as [H]ard OCP, have already received their review samples.

In addition, the German ATI Forum website, learned from some of its sources that there is a 50% change for AMD to release the card during fair, ComputerBase even posting a few pictures from Sapphire's and Gigabyte's CeBIT booths where the companies have showcased desktop systems powered by a Radeon HD 6990 GPU.

Unfortunately, not so many details can be distinguished from the shots provided until now, except for the fact that the card uses two PCI-E 8-pin power connectors and that it features four mini-DisplayPorts and a DVI video output.

When it is released, the Radeon HD 6990 will become AMD's fastest graphics card as it packs two high-performance Cayman cores on the same PCB, connected via the company's CrossFireX technology.

This means that the card could packs as much as 3072 stream processors, 192 texturing units and 64 ROPs, the two graphics cores featuring 2GB of video frame buffer each.

The GPUs will be linked together with the memory via individual 256-bit memory buses, the total available memory bandwidth reaching a theoretical 307.2GB/s.

When released, Antilles will go head to head with Nvidia's most powerful solution, the GTX 580, as well as with a wide range of SLI and CrossFire configurations, including the dual-GPU GTX 590 graphics card that is also supposed to be released soon.

No details regarding the clock speed of the cores or of the memory chips are available at this time.


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