AMD Preps 3.4GHz PII X4 965 Processor

For overclockers on a budget

The world's second largest processor manufacturer, Advanced Micro Devices, is said to be planning the launch of a new high-performance Phenom II X4 processor based on the company's latest Deneb core. According to early reports on the Internet, the new product, dubbed Phenom II X4 965, is aimed at overclocking enthusiasts on a budget and is slated for release later this week. There are only a few details available at this time, but the new processor could also be released as the much-hyped Phenom II TWKR model, which has been recently unveiled by the CEO of custom PC maker Maingear.

According to a recent article on the TweakTown, the new Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition processor will be AMD's fastest quad-core processor on the market, featuring a factory-set clock speed of 3.4GHz, a 200MHz increase over the chip maker's current Phenom II X4 955.

Following the news reported on Tweaktown, Expreview were able to scoop a few more details on the upcoming chip, which will provide users with support for a 2000MHz FSB, 4 x 512KB of L2 cache and 6MB of L3 cache. The CPU's TDP has been set at 125W, as with the PII X4 955 model.

There are no details regarding the pricing of the new processor, but there are two scenarios that could be taken into consideration. First of all, AMD could release the new processor at the same price tag as the initial pricing of the 955. A second scenario would be to launch the 965 at the current pricing of the 955, consequently lowering the prices on all the other chips. Nevertheless, the new processor will certainly put some more pressure on Intel's line of Core 2 products, making the Santa Clara, California-based chip maker further reduce prices.

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