AMD Prepares TressFX Technology to “Render, Rinse, Repeat”

The company decides to be remarkably tight-lipped about what it does

Hair is one of the things hardest to render in a virtual environment, especially games, but AMD might have a solution to make it easier.

We can't exactly promise anything though, unfortunately. While the teaser images published by the company show a woman with very black and very long, flowing, shiny hair, that could be deliberately misleading.

To be clear, Advanced Micro Devices has promised that it will launch a new technology tomorrow, February 26, 2013.

It is called TressFX and has “Render, Rinse, Repeat” as catchphrase.

A technology that renders hair, foliage and other, thread-like objects more accurately sounds right up its alley.

AMD may also have managed to create a technology that can do this while needing less hardware power. We can only hope.

The official web page of TressFX is here.

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