AMD Posts Weak Financial Results for 2012 and Fourth Quarter

The company made $5.42 billion revenue, 17% less than in 2011

Intel may have slipped in terms of finances in 2012, but Advanced Micro Devices seems to have worse, and that isn't counting the fact that, as always, its revenue is only a fraction of Intel's.

Intel has always had a larger income than AMD, which is why we aren't taking the vast difference between revenues into account.

Instead, we are looking at how the revenue and profit changes compare to one another.

While Intel's revenue for 2012 fell 1% on year, and profit went down 15%, AMD suffered a 17% decline in revenue and a profit dive of 41%.

That gives a rather dark aura to the figure of $5.42 billion / 4.08 billion, which would otherwise seem immense (Intel's $53.3 / 40 billion Euro).

The fourth quarter of last year was a bit troublesome for AMD as well. The company suffered an operating loss of $422 million / 317.22 million Euro.

The revenue of $1.16 was also lower on quarter, by 9%, and 32% below the sum recorded in Q4 2011.

AMD has been changing its staff dramatically for the past year and a half, and will keep doing so until its current CEO thinks it is enough.

The Sunnyvale chipmaker wants to change its business from a brand-based one to a product and service-based one, where it doesn't necessarily need much advertising as long as PCs, tablets and, perhaps, phones use its processors.

It is a slow process though, and there is no way AMD will leave the PC segment to gather dust, which is why the Richland A-Series APUs will debut in the second quarter, and will be followed later this year by more APUs.

All the while, the corporation will keep gathering talent, like it did the other day when it hired two high-profile engineers, one from Qualcomm and one from Apple.

The full breakdown of AMD's finances for Q4 2012 and 2012 as a whole can be found here.

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