AMD: No Plans for 14nm CPUs Yet, Will Extend Lifespan of Existing Processes

While Intel is feverishly pushing forward, AMD isn't in any rush

Intel has already started to build a manufacturing plant capable of constructing 14nm processors, but AMD hasn't even made plans for something of the sort yet, since it isn't interested in smartphone chips.

In fact, the company expects the 28nm node (which its GPUs are based on) to last longer than some may think.

The company will eventually make 20nm, 16nm and, maybe, 14nm CPUs, APUs or GPUs, but the transitions won't be as fast as what Intel is doing.

Devinder Kumar, the AMD corporate controller and interim chief financial officer, spoke on the matter at Raymond James IT supply chain conference, according to X-bit Labs.

“It is getting tougher and tougher to get to new nodes. 28nm might be with us a little longer than people [think]. [It will be a while] before they jump into 20nm node or 16nm or 14nm,” he said.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) can rejoice at learning that its well-behaved 28nm process will be used extensively, until 2014 even.

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