AMD Llano APU to Get Dual-GPU Technology Similar to Hybrid CrossFire

AMD's upcoming Llano processor family, the company's second Fusion chip, will feature a technology similar to Hybrid CrossFire, that enables the processor's on-die graphics to be used together with a discrete GPU in order to improve the systems performance.

This capability will be available on the future Lynx platform, and requires an AMD Northern Islands series standalone video card in order to work.

When the two are paired together, the system is able to take advantage of the processing power available in both GPUs, games as well as GPGPU applications getting an important speed boost.

In addition, such a setup would allow for more display outputs to be used.

Together with a slide detailing this technology, the Donanimhaber website, the source of this leak, also provides us with a graph that puts such a solution head to head with a few other systems.

Looking at the processing power delivered by the three machines, one can easily see that a Llano APU is just as fast as a Intel Core i3 540 processor, as we have previously reported.

Its integrated graphics is a bit speedier than a Radeon HD 5550 discrete graphics card.

However, when the on-die Beavercreek GPU is paired together with a standalone Turks GPU, the system achieves an important increase in graphics performance, AMD even go as far as stating that such a solution has 60% more computing capacity than the Intel system.

Turks is the code-name of the GPU that AMD plans to replace Redwood with, and is used in the Radeon HD 5600-series video cards.

This new GPU is expected to ship at the same time with the Llano APUs.

The exact shipping date is not known at this time, but recent reports claim that everything is on track for Llano to arrive in the second quarter of this year.


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