AMD Lists Athlon II X4 700-Series Trinity Processors

Quad-core CPUs with support for all Trinity technologies but no GPUs

Since AMD has to do something with all those chips who come out of the factory with faulty GPUs, it is releasing them as Athlon II X4 CPUs.

One UK online store lists two Athlon X4 central processors of this type: AMD Trinity Athlon X4 740X and AMD Trinity Athlon X4 750K.

Both of them have 4 MB of L2 cache, but their clock frequencies differ.

The former is a 3.2 GHz chip but, when Turbo Core technology activates, it jumps to 3.7 GHz.

The latter has a base core clock speed of 3.4 GHz and can reach 4 GHz in a pinch.

Needless to say, both are compatible with Socket FM2 motherboards, but they will let the video ports wired to the CPU socket go to waste, since they, as we already said, lack the integrated Radeon HD 7000.

On that note, their prices of £46.95 ($75 / 58.45 Euro) and £53.50 ($86 / 66.61 Euro) don't help them much, not with full-featured A-Series Trinity so cheap.

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