AMD Launches Two ATI FirePro Graphics Solutions

The new graphics accelerators are designed for professionals that need leveraged performance for their work

AMD's graphics division ATI announced today the release of two new workstation graphics accelerators, the ATI FirePro V8700 and ATI FirePro V3750. The new chips are designed to provide Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Digital Content Creation (DCC) professionals the maximum performance levels they require for their machines. The V8700 graphics accelerator can boost performance with 40 percent when it comes to memory intensive applications, while V3750 is able to provide increased performance for the entry level. These new cards add to the ATI FirePro family of professional graphics accelerators which the company launched last month at Siggraph 2008 in Los Angeles: ATI FirePro V5700 and ATI FirePro V3700.

“Creative professionals requiring realistic lighting and shading of complex models and objects will see the difference with the powerful ATI FirePro V8700 graphics accelerator,” said Janet Matsuda, senior director, AMD Professional Graphics. “These new product offerings are in keeping with what the ATI FirePro brand represents: delivering performance and features that matter to discerning engineers and designers.”

ATI FirePro V8700 graphics accelerator offers a large frame buffer for complex and large data sets, making it suited for professionals working with large models and shader-intensive applications. In addition, it features a 30-bit display pipeline allowing it to provide accurate color reproduction and superior visual quality. The GDDR5 memory technology allows the new card to overcome applications' bottlenecks which traditionally affected the work of engineers and designers. This workstation graphics solution comes with 1GB frame buffer memory, has 800 shader (or stream) units and also features two DisplayPort and Dual-Link DVI-I display ports.

“As a leader in 2D and 3D design software, Autodesk is committed to delivering products that take advantage of the features, performance and reliability that the ATI FirePro workstation graphics cards can provide,” said Kevin Tureski, director of product development, Autodesk Media & Entertainment. “In addition to seeing their designs in advance with complete accuracy, our customers need to experience every nuance that empowers them to save time and money, improve quality, and foster innovation. ATI FirePro workstation graphics cards are a great complement to Autodesk products.”

ATI FirePro V3750 is the first 3D workstation graphics accelerator aiming at the entry level. It is able to provide users with up to 30 percent more performance than previous generation cards, and can also boost 40 percent acceleration for certain CAD applications. The graphics solution has 256 MB of frame buffer memory with 320 stream processing units, and features dual link DVI and two DisplayPort outputs (the first to feature them in its class) able to generate a multi-monitor display more than 5000 pixels wide.

“Adobe Production Premium pushes the envelope of performance and is highly optimized for the GPU (graphics processor unit). Our customers will welcome the speed gains delivered by the new ATI FirePro graphics accelerators,” stated Giles Baker, group product manager, Adobe Systems Incorporated.

AMD will be showcasing its new ATI FirePro professional graphics accelerators at IBC 2008, at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam, September 12-16. Both ATI FirePro V8700 and ATI FirePro V3750 should start shipping during the fourth quarter of the year.


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