AMD Kaveri Desktop APU on December 5, Availability in February 2014

This means that the time between release and availability is three months

Back in August, I picked up on the rumor that the Kaveri line of a desktop accelerated processing units, from AMD, would only debut in 2014. Now I have the confirmation.

Advanced Micro Devices will actually make the paper launch this year, on December 5. But paper launch means that the company just introduces the product without having it up for sale.

Shipments will only begin in the middle of February 2014, although some OEMs (PC makers, custom graphics cards makers) could receive batches of cards before the end of this year.

Kaveri APUs (accelerated processing units) work in the FM2+ socket of the A88X chipset.

The “Steamroller” architecture will be at the base of the CPU cores (10% performance boost over Piledriver), a new GCN GPU (Graphics CoreNext micro-architecture), faster DDR3 support, PCI-Express gen 3.0 bus interface, and TrueAudio technology.


AMD Kaveri presentation slides (2 Images)

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