AMD Joins Facebook's Open Compute Project (OCP)

Might manage to boost its standing on the server market

Advanced Micro Devices may be far behind Intel on the sever and data center market, but it might decrease that huge gap by a little bit. Soon.

The company will reportedly participate in Facebook's Open Compute Project, OCP for short.

The goal of OCP is to produce a standard hardware platform for data centers, one with power efficiency benefits and a lower manufacturing cost.

Participating companies will have to share their ideas for free, which means that AMD could stand to gain quite a bit form participating.

Unfortunately, we have no specifics, but we're certain some details will crop up as more time passes. Good ideas and breakthroughs never really stay hidden for long, after all.

Then again, with new Trinity APUs on the way, people's attention will be somewhat preoccupied. Ah, well.

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