AMD Is Preparing a Cheaper, Low-Power 8-Core FX-8300 CPU

The Vishera chip will have a thermal design of 95W

Not one to slack off, Advanced Micro Devices continues to develop newer and better central processing units, even as it releases them in groups, like the Opteron 6300 series.

IT company websites have a lot of obscure data available. CPU support lists from motherboard makers can be especially enlightening.

One such support list implies that Advanced Micro Devices is developing a new Vishera central processing unit (CPU) with eight cores.

That would make three 8-core chips in total, with the flagship FX-8350 ($194 / 194 Euro) and the FX-8320 ($164 / 164 Euro) right above it.

The newest processor will simply be called FX-8300 (FD8300WMW8KHK) and will work at 3.2 GHz, or 3.6 GHz when the Turbo Core technology intervenes.

The TDP (thermal design power) will be of 95W (the others operate at 125W), but the price won't be much lower than that of the FX-8320.

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