AMD: Holodecks to Become Reality Within the Next 25 Years – Video

AMD general manager and LeVar Burton discuss the concept

The holodeck is a concept that the Star Trek franchise has introduced and spread across the world of science fiction.

Apparently, Advanced Micro Devices fully expects the idea to become reality at some point in the future.

We'll refrain from assuming anything about space travel for now. Even holodecks for sea ships would be a great accomplishment.

That is an opinion that LeVar Burton seems to share, if his enthusiasm during ISSCC is anything to go by.

Those for whom the name doesn't ring any bells, Burton played Lt. Geordie LaForge on Star Trek: Next Generation.

He and Lisa Su (senior vice president and general manager, Global Business Units, AMD) speak to 3,000 engineers on how Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) will enable key Holodeck technologies in the future.

While it might sound like a far-fetched dream, Burton actually hopes that a real Holodeck will be invented in the next 25 years.

He also points out that the idea itself is only 25 years old. That would mean that the jump from fiction to reality will have happened in half a century, which isn't so bad at all.

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